About Ooni. (Formerly Uuni)

The OoniStory...


Ooni Beginnings

In 2011, Kristian Tapaninaho, the inventor of Ooni, was happily getting into pizza making, and his wife Darina and little boy Oskari were big fans of his food. But, he kept coming up against the same hurdle — ‘my pizzas are good, but they’re not great.’ The pizzas lacked that sought after wood-fired flavour that a domestic oven simply can’t provide. Kristian went on the hunt for a pizza oven and realised current options were expensive and weren’t portable. So, he decided to solve the problem himself and designed his own small, cost-effective wood-fired oven.

Kristian wasn’t an inventor, an engineer or a product designer, but he had a great idea and the passion to create it. This is how Uuni (‘oven’ in Finnish) was born. After a series of sketches, a number of prototypes and testing his oven in his backyard, Kristian had made the first affordable and portable wood-fired oven.


To coincide with Kickstarter launching in the U.K., Kristian launched the Uuni project on the crowd-funding platform. The funding raised more than surpassed the goal he set and he established a global audience from the outset.

Uuni was launched on Kickstarter in November 2012 with huge success. The company reached its funding goal within two weeks and successful achieved more than 220% its funding goal by the end of the campaign. The campaign captured the imagination on the pizza community and drew supporters from around the world.

Nordic Roots

Born and raised in Pyhäsalmi, Finland, Kristian had design ingrained in him from an early age. His family owned a small supermarket with an on-site bakery that he helped his mother, Kasia, run. Most mornings started at 4 a.m. and required a lot of dedication, learning everything there is to know about baking. His upbringing has enabled Kristian to hone his pizza craft, where his eye is not just on product design and development, but on the end product and the foods and flavours as well.

Uuni Lifestyle

Kristian & Darina and their little boys Oskari (5) and Otto (3) very much live the Uuni lifestyle. Having recently relocated from London to Edinburgh, they are entrepreneurs with a busy family life, but who love spending time together making great food, developing recipes and socialising with friends. The Uuni site uuni.net is a great place to find recipe and ideas and see the Uuni in action on their YouTube channel.


The Uuni team and product range is growing rapidly. The company has won multiple awards for design, innovation and business and now ships to over 60 countries around the world. Uuni is delighted to have a strong community of customers and supporters from across the globe. Uuni grew 235% in 2015 and 340% in 2016 meaning the team are on track to reach their ambitious goal of being one of the top 5 global outdoor cooking brands by 2020.

Ooni Rebrand

From their humble beginnings in 2012 – when the idea of making the world’s first portable wood-fired pizza oven was made possible by 142 Kickstarter supporters – they’ve now grown to a team of 30 people with a truly global reach. It is you, our awesome community, who have helped and allowed Ooni to become what it is today.

As they grew, their name had a couple of challenges. A lot of people couldn’t pronounce or spell it! Sometimes it would get autocorrected to ‘Unni’. Or people would pronounce it ‘you-nee’, or spell it as ‘Uni’ and Google would offer them suggestions on where to go to university. We’re all for education, but that wasn’t really their goal...

So they decided it was time to make a change: they thought, let’s not change our name, only the way it’s spelled! Ooni is still pronounced the same as it always was - ‘oo-nee’. Their new phonetic spelling makes this clear, and it’s up to you if you want to adopt a little Finnish accent!

What will happen with products

  • Nothing changes immediately! You still get the same Uuni Pro, Uuni 3 and our range of accessories. Same great performance, design and price!
  • Over time, they will gradually rebrand products, but this won’t happen immediately.
  • In future, any new products will be launched as Ooni

Why have they changed the spelling to Ooni?

As Uuni has expanded into different countries, it’s become apparent that the word ‘Uuni’ is being pronounced differently around the world. As we are a truly global brand, we have decided to change the spelling of our name from ‘Uuni’ to ‘Ooni’, which is the phonetic spelling. The pronunciation of the word isn’t changing at all – it has always been ‘oo-ni’, they’ve just tweaked the spelling to make it as easy as possible.

I've just ordered an Ooni product. Will it be delivered with Ooni or Uuni branding?

There will be a phased approach to the rebrand, so as they transition, some products will continue to feature the original Uuni logo and branding while others will feature the new Ooni logo and branding straight away.