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Core Supply Group is the premier provider of quality gardening, outdoor cooking, and lifestyle products for retailers in Australia.
Core Supply Group is the premier provider of quality gardening, outdoor cooking, and lifestyle products for retailers in Australia.

THE BASTARD VX Complete Kamado Charcoal Grill - Large

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THE BASTARD VX Complete Kamado Charcoal Grill - Large

The Bastard VX Large Complete is a complete and impressive kamado grill that meets the demands of even the most demanding outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Its large size, precision-engineered construction, and cutting-edge functionalities collectively provide an unparalleled cooking experience, delivering not just exceptional results but also allowing you to embark on memorable BBQ & grill journey.

At the heart of its design lies a multifaceted cooking system that redefines versatility. This feature empowers users to employ various grilling techniques simultaneously, accommodating an array of foods. Moreover, its adaptability extends further, allowing for a transformative shift to a wok pan holder when inverted, demonstrating unparalleled adaptability and functionality. Whether grilling, baking, smoking, or braising, The Bastard VX Large Complete serves as a culinary maestro, proficiently mastering every cooking style.

Embark on a culinary exploration with boundless possibilities. Whether it's sizzling steaks, perfectly baked treats, tantalizing smoked delicacies, or succulent braised dishes, this grill transcends limitations. Create delectable meals swiftly and effortlessly, elevating the humble backyard cook-up into an extraordinary culinary delight.


  • Precision Top/Chimney - Always stays as a set
  • Thermometer - Redesigned dial for a cleat display
  • Ceramic Dome - Made to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Infinity Gasket - Seals Kamado shut
  • Hinge System - Easy adjustable 4 spring hinge
  • Multilevel Cooking System - Versatile cooking opportunities
  • Table Hinge - Improved hinge prevents rattling surfaces
  • Fire Box/ Fire Ring - Made from Cordierite
  • Chasis - 4mm thick power-coated steel
  • Wheels - Tough 3" wheels for total mobility
  • Charcoal Basket - Improved handles to ergonomically lift it out of The Bastard
  • Ash Lifter - Remove ash easily
  • Insulating Ceramic Inner Lining - Helps regulate temperature


Grill: 49cm
Grill Thickness: 7mm
Height Inc. Chassis: 136cm
Weight: 110kg

Box Dimensions:
75 x 6 5x 98cm

** BULKY ITEM - Please Contact Us For Delivery Information**

About The Team Behind The Bastard:

"There are two things you really should know about us. One, we’re Dutch and two, we’re obsessed with outdoor cooking. The Bastard was born out of a love for authentic tastes and Dutch Design, meaning we strive to supply the very best materials. 

An ancient BBQ-ing method, refined by the Dutch. The Bastard, with its “Pure Dutch Design”, is the pride of the Netherlands. A kamado doesn’t just need to look great; it must be efficient and functional too. This was the main focus for The Bastard. It does what it should and it’s as good as it gets.

It is the start of something new: the start of your creation. That is our philosophy. Take what is good, explore what can be better. This is how The Bastard was born. Dreaming of the toughest and best ceramic grill ever, and bringing this to life. Part by part, we determined our high standards and discussed how the bar could be raised even further. The shape, materials, accessories and even the packaging could only be the very best."