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Core Supply Group is the premier provider of quality gardening, outdoor cooking, and lifestyle products for retailers in Australia.
Core Supply Group is the premier provider of quality gardening, outdoor cooking, and lifestyle products for retailers in Australia.

ALUVY MARCEL Original Charcoal Barbeque - Réséda

by Aluvy
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ALUVY MARCEL Original Charcoal Barbeque - Réséda

The ALUVY MARCEL Original Charcoal Barbecue, a rebellious icon of outdoor grilling that defies the norm. MARCEL isn't just a barbecue; it's a statement piece, a bold expression of your individuality that refuses to be hidden away.

Its design isn't just about aesthetics—it's about power and versatility. With a cooking surface spanning 3,100cm2, MARCEL effortlessly caters to gatherings of 10-12 people, making it the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining space.

Crafted for durability and longevity, MARCEL boasts the prestigious Origin France Guaranteed certification, proudly manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Included in the package is a lid/cover crafted from stainless steel and also Made in France, providing shelter from the elements while offering minimal wind resistance. MARCEL's dimensions stand at 95cm in height and 60x60cm in width, offering a spacious cooking area enhanced by two removable stainless-steel grids (each measuring 56x28 cm) that sum up to a generous 3100 cm2 of grilling space. Plus, these grids are dishwasher-safe for added convenience.

Easily manage post-cooking cleanup with the stainless steel ash tray, designed for hassle-free ash disposal. Accessible through a magnetic hatch, it conceals a storage space for your barbecue accessories keeping everything organized and within reach.

Optional Plancha Cast Iron Grill can be purchased Separately - NOT INCLUDED.


  • Made in France in the ALUVY Factory in Isère.
  • 4x Adjustment feet for added stability
  • Includes a protective stainless steel lid/cover for top of BBQ
  • Unique French design
  • Cooking Grills are dishwasher safe
  • 3100cm2 Cooking Space
  • Magnetic Hatch at base of BBQ for Storage
  • Handles Included


Weight: 45kg Approx
Dimensions: 95 x 60 x 60cm
Cooking Surface: Grills Measure 58 x 28cm (x2)
Materials: Tub & outer walls and feet are made of cast aluminum


The bowl: This is made of aluminum and houses a large cast-iron piece. This is where the charcoal burns. It's removable and easy to clean with a sponge or wire brush and a basic detergent.

The pretty colored sides & the legs: These are also made of aluminum. They should therefore be cleaned with a product that is not (or only slightly) alkaline. We recommend our Ecolabel degreaser, which is both effective and environmentally friendly. Take a microfiber cloth and gently rub the plates to remove any stains.

Caution: Do not use a brush on painted areas, as this may damage the paint.

** BULKY ITEM - Please Contact Us For Delivery Information**